Ways & Means Roadshow Coming to Eugene

With a $1.8 billion state budget deficit, Oregon families are facing massive cuts to schools, health care, and the services they rely on daily.  We may see nearly 350,000 people lose their insurance through the Oregon health plan, and tens of thousands may lose access to their mental health and dental care. Thousands of seniors and people with disabilities will likely lose access to services that help them live independently and with dignity in their homes. And we will likely see funding for early education programs slashed. This is unacceptable so long as the world’s largest corporations pay the lowest corporate taxes in the entire nation. In the next few weeks, the Ways and Means committee will…

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White Nationalist Flyers Posted on Campus

White nationalists have been emboldened by the recent election, and their leaflets/posters are appearing on the UO campus. White nationalists and other hate groups use a variety of symbols to signal their presence to others. It may be useful to familiarize yourself with commonly used hate symbols so you know them when you see them. Help us keep campus safe by removing any white nationalist posters you find. If you see anyone posting such leaflets/posters or if you find hate graffiti or other targeted acts of vandalism, please contact UOPD.

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Organizing for Democracy and Strength

Welcome to the new UA newsletter’s organizing column! This will be a space to share news about our organizing progress, tips on how to organize among each other and strengthen our union, and news that bears on how we go about organizing our union. For this first entry, I would like to talk about how we organize as a union, and how it is the bedrock of our strength. Organizing is the lifeblood of a union. Our ability to advocate for better working conditions for ourselves and learning conditions for our students is built on our ability to band together…

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SB-196 Supporting Health Benefits for Adjunct Instructors

According to the 2015-15 Annual Report on the Economic Status of the Profession, released by the American Association of University Professors, part-time adjunct instructors now comprise over forty percent of all faculty appointments in the US (and this does not include graduate student employees or full time non-tenure track faculty, which takes the percentage up to just over 70). Due to their part-time status, most of these adjuncts are not eligible for the kinds of benefits available to their full time colleagues. In terms of pay, studies show that part-time non-tenure track faculty earn between 22 and 40 percent less,…

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Solidarity and Community Events

Rally for survivors of domestic and sexual violence

Please come show your support for survivors of domestic and sexual violence in Oregon. Join the Oregon Coalition against Domestic and Sexual Violence (OCADSV), the Oregon Attorney General’s Sexual Assault Task Force (SATF) and the Oregon Alliance to End Violence Against Women on the steps of the capitol as we raise our voices in support of protections and services for survivors. Wear purple or teal to show solidarity if you are able.

A Black History Month Event: All Labor Has Dignity

February 15th, 2017 6 pm – 8 pm UO Portland White Stag Building room 142/144 70 NW Couch Street Portland, OR Simulcast at UO campus in Eugene, Knight Library, Studio A **This is a FREE, PUBLIC event. Please select a ticket for the UO Portland location or for the UO Eugene simulcast.** The event will feature a lively facilitated discussion with civil rights activist and trade-unionist leader, William “Bill” Lucy. Mr. Lucy helped lead and was a voice in the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees for 57 years. As a lifelong labor activist he collaborated with Dr….

Workers on the Margin: Gender-Inclusive Organizing in a Flexible Industry

Please join us this Monday, February 13th at 4 pm in the EMU Miller Room for the second talk in the UO Labor Research Colloquium. Larissa Petrucci, a PhD candidate in the Sociology department, will be discussing organizing efforts among women and non-gender-binary workers in the high tech industry. Petrucci’s work forces us to think about the intersection between workplace norms, feminism and labor organizing.  Looking at one of the northwest’s premier industries, she raises questions about the limitations of neoliberal or professional feminism, the challenges of collective action in a gendered workplace, and the prospects for labor organizing in what…

‘Not in Our City’ rally in the Whit

Hundreds of people gathered in the Whitaker neighborhood this Sunday afternoon to rally against a rash of hateful graffiti. Several UA members were spotted in the crowd, including Joe Lowndes and Darren Divers who hold the United Academics banner.