UA presents our wage proposal in bargaining this Thursday!

Thursday is the day! We need a strong turnout this Thursday, 12:30-3:30 in Chiles 125, as the UA Bargaining Team presents our economic package to the administration.

Our Article 26: Salary represents a significant increase to faculty pay through across-the-board, merit, and equity raises, as well as promotion increases. The UA Economics Team will present information showing where faculty salaries at the University of Oregon stand in regard to our comparator institutions and our plan to bring faculty salaries up to competitive levels.  We will present a few other articles (Article 21: Review Decision Appeals, Article 34: Caregiving), pose questions regarding some of the (somewhat contentious) proposals that the administration brought to the last session, and the administration team will surely have a few more proposals of their own.

Let's pack the room to show support for your bargaining team and send a signal to the administration that years of lagging salaries just won't do anymore! Winning significant raises, or anything else at the bargaining table, depends less on making rational arguments and thoughtful proposals than on faculty showing up and showing their support for the proposals on the table.