Come support your bargaining team this Thursday in Chiles 125!

Bargaining This Thursday!

We packed the room during our last bargaining session–thank you, those of you who came in person or watched via Zoom. Let’s do it again this Thursday, March 14 (Chiles 125, 12:30 to 3:30)! It is possible that administration will present their counter to Article 26: Salary, so stop by (or come and go) as you have time.

We will respond with a counterproposal to Article 41: No Strike, No Lockout in which the administration wants the ability to replace striking employees with your labor. If you think being forced to cover the labor of striking student employees, graduate employees, or classified staff is wrong, your presence will send a message to the administration that they cannot change our job duties because they are embroiled in a labor dispute with another union.

We will also respond to the University's proposal in Article 11: Release Time in which the University hopes to place several restrictions on how your union officials represent our faculty. The administration is using artificially inflated and plainly erroneous numbers to justify their proposed take-backs in Article 11; there will be some discussion at the table about the importance of presenting (and relying on) accurate information while bargaining in good faith.

We will present Article 32: Leaves in which we hope to expand and codify certain leave options, some exciting proposals in Article 17: Assignment of Professional Responsibilities that will ensure professional development time for Career instructional faculty, and finally, and not least importantly, a new article entitled Researcher Support in which we aim to provide resources for our funding-contingent faculty.

A full room shows the administration that faculty are engaged and are concerned about their working conditions and the functioning of our university. Stop by Chiles 125 anytime between 12:30 and 3:30 this Thursday to support your bargaining team.



Nominations for Officer and Delegate positions due by March 22, 2024

United Academics is holding elections for six officer positions this year, with nominations due by March 22, 2024. All members in good standing are eligible to serve as officers and to nominate other members in good standing. Self-nominations are also permitted. If you're interested in running, current council members will happily talk with you and answer your questions. As always, you can contact UA staff with any questions at [email protected].

Open positions:

The Executive Council (EC) is the primary leadership body of United Academics with a focus on initiating, overseeing, or revising the program of your union. The positions that are open this year are listed here with the current person in them, so you can contact the current council member with your questions. The positions we especially need you to fill are in bold.

  • Executive VP (Green)
  • Treasurer (Harbaugh)
  • VP for NTTF Instructional Affairs (Wakefield)
  • VP for Diversity and Equity (Fujiwara)
  • Chair of the Grievance and Contract Administration Committee (Whalen)
  • Chair of the Politics Committee (vacant)

We also need to elect delegates for the AAUP national convention:

    • The AAUP convention is in Arlington, VA, from Thursday, June 13 through Sunday, June 16 (see AAUP site for more information). United Academics will pay reasonable travel expenses for the delegate.

You can find all the nomination forms on the UA website.