Update on GTFF Bargaining

The GTFF and the administration had another mediation session on November 30. We are encouraged by the administration’s movement on their economic package, but it still does not equate to a living wage in Eugene for many graduate employees. The GTFF could still declare an intent to strike with 10 days’ notice at any time, and both teams have agreed to meet again in early January.

If you are interested in the current state of GTFF bargaining, you can find additional information on their bargaining webpage.

On November 29, The UO Senate passed a Resolution calling for a quick resolution of negotiations with the GTFF and a  “commitment to the principles that inspired the original Academic Continuity Plan, namely ‘academic integrity; transparency for students, instructors, and staff; and fairness for students,’ and [the UO Senate] will closely monitor the implementation of the Continuity Plan to ensure these principles are always upheld and prioritized over decisions for academic continuity that simply seek to avoid disruption to the status quo.”

We applaud this resolution from the Senate and are likewise committed to ensuring that instructors retain their primacy over the academic integrity of their courses. United Academics is also committed to ensuring that the university does not compel additional labor from faculty to adapt their courses for a possible strike. If you are wondering whether faculty must change their courses in anticipation of a GTFF strike, see our previous messages on what the CBA does and does not allow/require of faculty and our recommendations for solidarity with GTFF labor.

If you are pressured to change any aspect of your job to accommodate a potential GTFF strike and have any questions or concerns, please contact [email protected].

Download Zoom backgrounds supporting the GTFF and our own bargaining campaign!

Download a short PowerPoint to contextualize the possible GTFF strike for your undergraduates.