Faculty and Students should come before Administrative Flexibility

Dear Colleagues,  During recent remarks to the University Senate, President Mike Schill alerted the campus to yet another potential budget crisis. He identified four reasons for his concern about budget “fragility:” the ongoing difficulties with PERS funding, the decrease in international students, low reserves, and the loss of “flexibility” due to faculty unionization.  We were surprised to have President Schill cite United Academics as a cause of budget fragility. In the summer of 2015, UO President Michael Schill and then-UA President Michael Dreiling negotiated a two-year salary extension to the faculty contract, with raises of 2.0% and 2.125%. We agreed…

UA’s First Bargaining Session

Our first session will be on January 9, 2020. We will be introducing most of our economic bargaining planks at that session. These include our salary/raise proposals, our child care proposal, and more. We’re hoping for a big turnout on day one, so put January 9, 12-3 PM on your calendar. You are welcome to drop in for a few minutes or stay the whole time! Please stop by the UA Office for fliers to add to your building’s bulletin boards or you can download a PDF here.Download

National Day of Action in Defense of Grad Rights

On November 14th graduate workers and their allies in higher education, the labor movement, and their communities will gather in Chicago, Boston, and Washington D.C. to protest the National Labor Relations Board’s attack on their rights. Ahead of this day of action we are aiming to collect 3000 comments to the NLRB.  Encourage friends and colleagues to submit comments on this page.

Faculty Responsibility during a GE Strike

Dear Colleagues, As you know, the rumblings of an impending GE strike are growing louder, and questions have been raised about the expectations and obligations for faculty should that happen. Before any decisions are made about the University’s “Academic Continuity Plan,” I would like to share some thoughts to inform our discussions. To start, let me underline some of the information we shared with you in an August 27 e-mail. Some administrators incorrectly assume that faculty will cover for striking GEs. This is not necessarily so. Our collective bargaining agreement (CBA) requires faculty to “consult” about how work performed by a…

How to Create Effective and Accessible PowerPoint Presentations

An ally of United Academics has designed a PowerPoint template and instructions for creating effective, accessible presentations. These slides have a small union “bug” on the footer which indicate that the presentation was made by union—in particular United Academics—labor.

UA President’s Remarks at New Faculty Orientation

When I arrived at the University of Oregon in 2009 I didn’t know what a Provost was. I had never been in a departmental meeting. I didn’t know that service was part of the job, or even what service entailed. I didn’t understand the concept of shared governance, or why a university has or needs a Senate.

Down to the Wire: Let Legislators know what we need!

On May 15th, Oregonians received some good news in regard to our financial outlook. Short version: the State has roughly 770 million dollars more than they expected for the biennium budget (despite a 1.4 billion kicker, but that’s another story). However, much of that will be put into reserves for the predicted economic downturn heading our way. We need to contact legislators in order to make sure we can get the Public University Support Fund (PUSF) funded at 120 million. That would mean students would see a less-than-5% increase to their in-state tuition. Of course, we should still be asking…

SB 1049-A passes out of Senate, heading to House

May 23, 2019 SB 1049-A has moved out of the Senate in a 16-12 vote and is now headed to the House. Shenanigans continue as well as a complete and utter disregard for process: The Bill was scheduled for a vote tomorrow, then re-scheduled for a different time tomorrow, and then ended up on the Senate floor as “special business.” More details below, as well as a link to the full-text of the Bill. Word on the legislative street: more Dems in the House (vs. Senate) are primed to vote no. Keep the calls and emails flowing… SB 1049-A Latest…

Modified PERS legislation to move to Senate floor for vote

May 21, 2019 Today SB 1049 passed through the final budget committees and is headed to the Senate floor for a vote (if successful, will then move on to the House). We are hearing from lawmakers that your emails are starting to have an effect and we have a chance to stop this bill. But lawmakers need to hear from you right now in order to keep the pressure on. We need you to call and email your senator and state representative. Here’s how: PHONE. Time is running out so right now phone calls are more powerful than emails CALL…

United Academics’ Values

The members of UA are proud to work at a comprehensive RI university that aspires to maintain its history of being a great educational institution in the face of years of declining investment in higher education. As the educators and researchers who are responsible for our core educational mission, we are committed to prioritizing student success and maintaining access and support for all qualified students, including domestic and international students, four-year undergraduates, transfer students, and graduate students. Budgets are an expression of values: we are dismayed that nowhere in his statement of budget reduction values does President Schill mention a…