Vote No on Measure 106

If you believe that all Oregonians should have equal access to the full range of reproductive health care, vote No on Measure 106. Measure 106 limits access to safe and affordable abortions. One of the arguments being used to justify this measure is economic, but even though limiting women’s access to affordable abortions will not save the insurance system money, it might easily push some vulnerable families into poverty. The measure is regressive and punitive in that those families with the fewest financial resources will be the most affected. Moreover, by placing limits on publicly-funded insurance, including plans offered by the Public Employees Benefit Board (PEBB), this Measure would directly impact all UO employees as well as all people covered by the Oregon Health Plan. Constitutional amendments are no way to set policy on what procedures our health insurance should, or shouldn’t, cover. Vote NO on 106 to protect the ability of all Oregonians to access the full range of reproductive health services when they see their healthcare providers.