Vote No on 105

I am voting NO vote on Measure 105 in support of the health and safety of my community
105 is a divisive anti-immigrant measure that local law enforcement veterans say would keep them from effectively doing their job to ensure public safety. The measure would repeal the bipartisan sanctuary state law that we passed in 1987 forbidding the use of state resources to do the work of federal immigration authorities. In the years leading up to the passage of the 1987 law, racial profiling of Oregon residents was known to be commonplace throughout the state, resulting in a profound lack of trust in local police. The sanctuary state law has been an essential step towards ensuring our families, our colleagues, and our students are able to live their day to day lives without fear. For these reasons and more, our own UO Senate passed a resolution in November of 2017 to make the University of Oregon a sanctuary campus.

My NO vote on Measure 105 says I oppose legislation that is harmful to our communities.