Vote No on 104

Measure 104 is a prescription for endless budget crisis and legislative gridlock in Salem. Since the passage of Measure 5 by Oregon voters in 1990 Oregon has required a 60% majority in its legislature to pass any tax bills. Measure 104 radically expands this so that a 60% supermajority would be required to pass ANY bill that could increase state revenue. No fee could be increased, no tax loophole could be closed, literally nothing could be done to increase state revenues without a supermajority. There would be little hope of ending the regular Oregon ritual of schools, universities, health care providers, parks, and other invaluable state services having to jockey for a limited pool of state funds during every legislative session. As faculty working at the state’s flagship public research university, we recognize that Measure 104 would only accelerate the erosion of our university and its mission to serve the people of Oregon. We urge that you vote NO on Measure 104.