Upcoming events, elections, and awards

University of Oregon Union Town Hall with Sarita Gupta

Wednesday, April 6, 6:30-8 p.m.
156 Straub Hall

This event will bring together the presidents of each of the University of Oregon's major unions to discuss the challenges and possibilities facing a largely unionized university workplace, now and in the future, with Wayne Morse Chair Sarita Gupta. Participants will include Avinnash Tiwari, United Academics of the University of Oregon; Stephanie Prentiss, Service Employees International Union 503; and Mel Keller, Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation.

This event is part of the Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics 2021-23 theme, Making Work Work. It is cosponsored by United Academics of the University of Oregon (AAUP/AFT Local 3209, AFL-CIO).

Sarita Gupta is the 2021-22 Wayne Morse Chair and vice president of the Ford Foundation, where she oversees all U.S. programs. Gupta has more than 20 years of experience working to expand people’s ability to come together to improve their workplaces, their communities, and their lives by creating solutions to the problems they face. She has deep expertise in policy advocacy, organizing, and building partnerships across the workers’ rights and care movements, having served as the executive director of Jobs With Justice and codirector of Caring Across Generations. She is a nationally recognized expert on the economic, labor, and political issues affecting working people, and is widely acknowledged as a key leader and strategist in the progressive movement.

United Academics Outstanding Contributions Awards Information

United Academics has established awards for outstanding contributions to the university community. Please consider nominating a worthy colleague for one or more of them:

  1. Administration-Faculty Partnership Award – for UO administrators or department heads who demonstrate courage to stand for academic freedom and embrace the role of faculty in university governance.
  2. Outstanding Service and Contribution to United Academics – for United Academics members who have offered service to our union in multiple roles over many years.
  3. Strong Voice Award – for active United Academics members who have demonstrated sustained and committed activism on behalf of all faculty across our campus.
  4. Caregiver Advocate Award – for United Academics members or administrators recognized as advocates for their colleagues who are facing caregiving needs during a global pandemic.

Email nominations to UA staff at [email protected] by April 30, 2022. Nominations should include a brief statement that details the nominee’s service contributions to the university community, United Academics, and specifically to principles held by United Academics.

Please indicate the award category for your nominee. Additional letters of support for the nominee are welcome. The recipient is selected by the Awards Committee and will be presented at the Spring Picnic on May 20, 2022.

Spring General Membership Meeting

Our final General Membership Meeting (GMM) of the academic year takes place Thursday, April 7 from 5-7pm via Zoom. Join us to discuss bargaining, shared services, and much more.

We recognize that evening meetings are difficult for some. UA is reviewing the structure of our General Membership Meetings and plan to vary times a bit more next year.


Bargaining sessions for Spring Term are scheduled every other Friday from 9am-noon starting April 8.  We encourage faculty to stay informed and to join us during bargaining sessions. It is important for the administration to know that faculty are engaged and taking the time to participate in this process. If you have questions about a session or any of the proposals, feel free to email us at [email protected].

AFT-Oregon Special Convention and AFT National Delegate Nominations 

AFT-Oregon is holding a Special Convention on June 25, 2022. This convention will be limited to addressing a proposed constitutional amendment for the purpose of modifying AFT-Oregon per capita rates and will be held virtually through zoom. As one of the larger AFT-Oregon locals, United Academics is eligible to "send" 21 Delegates to the convention.

United Academics is also seeking up to two delegates to the 87th convention of the American Federation of Teachers. This conference will be held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in Boston, MA, July 14 through 17, 2022.

We are taking nominations for Delegate to both of these conventions. Members in good standing* are eligible to serve as delegate, as well as to nominate other members in good standing. Self-nominations are also permitted. To be nominated to be Delegate, a member in good standing needs the signature of 10 other members in good standing. The nomination forms can be found here on the UA website and brought directly to the staff at the union hall or emailed to [email protected].

Nomination notices must be received by 4:59 pm on April 21, 2022.

If you would like to learn more information about these affiliates, the conventions, or the responsibilities of being a UA Delegate, please do not hesitate to ask. Just respond to this email and we'll get you the information you need. In the event there is only one nominee for each position after nominations have closed, and prior to ballot distribution, those nominees will be considered elected by acclamation and no ballot vote will be held. In the event of a ballot election, a notice of election will be mailed to the last known home address of each chapter member.

*A member in good standing is defined as a bargaining unit member who has been actively employed by the university in a bargaining unit position at any time during the last twelve months, has signed a union membership card, and either pays regular membership dues while employed by the university or pays a $10 per month membership dues fee when not employed by the university.

AAUP Delegate

Nominations for AAUP delegate are now closed. Congratulations to Chris Sinclair for serving as the United Academics Chapter Delegate to Biennial Meeting of the AAUP.

Save the Date

Wednesday, April 27 from 12-2pm, CSWS and UA will be holding a Caregivers focused Teach-In. Additional details to follow.