UA Diversity Survey at Spring Street Faire

This spring’s Street Faire marks the official roll out of our United Academics Diversity Survey! Volunteers will staff a table near the EMU at this year’s Faire where faculty members can take a 5-10 minute survey about diversity and equity issues on campus. Those who take the survey at Street Faire can choose from a variety of union swag, including t shirts, bags, Fight Fascism stickers, and other goodies.

The survey was developed by members of our Executive Council; its goal is to gather information about current needs and limitations on campus, particularly for members of underrepresented populations. We plan to use this feedback when we bargain our next contract, so your participation is valued. You may take the survey anonymously; those who provide an email address will receive a link to a longer survey with the opportunity to provide written narratives about their experiences if they choose. All answers will be kept confidential.

Please stop by our Street Faire booth and help us with this important initiative!