Survey Results re: CAS breakup

The most interesting results of our recent survey on the process and prospect of breaking CAS into smaller schools came from the narrative comments. We have scheduled a meeting with President Schill to share both the concerns and hopes of our members regarding this potential, major re-organization of the university.

We report on the major themes that arose in the narrative comments and the aggregated unit data of the responders.


Less support for/value of Humanities and undervalued departments 35
Less collaboration/integration 28
More centralized admin/resources, less faculty voice 27
Moves away from traditional university/Liberal Arts structure and mission 16
Potential negative impact on students 13
The process is opaque/there is too little information 12
Favoring the Sciences over the Humanities 11
Is this change for the sake of change/why? 9
This kind of thing went poorly in CoD/other institutions 4
Restructuring = job losses 3
Overall weakening of CAS 2


None/I hope it doesn’t happen 21
Better resource allocation for and across Divisions 13
Increased representation for the Divisions 9
Humanities don’t suffer/potentially come out stronger 9
This proves to be a thoughtful and fair process that centers faculty voice 7
Retain a focus on value of interdisciplinarity/Liberal Arts education 7
More flexibility and autonomy for Divisions/less bureaucracy  6
It’s actually good for faculty and students, not just what admin wants 5
Maybe an alternative configuration than that proposed is better? 5