Solidarity and Recovery support in Puerto Rico

As faculty with family in Puerto Rico, we recommend a focused fundraiser for ISER Caribe.

Here is also a helpful list of local organizations.

Among other topics at our membership meeting, we will hear from Professor Alaí Reyes-Santos who is organizing a delegation of students for a trip to Puerto Rico.

The pedagogical goals are:

  1. To engage the ethical issues raised by the current crisis in
    Puerto Rico through documentation and relief efforts in affected
  2. Deepen our understanding of what digital humanities research can
    provide to address issues of racial, economic and environmental
    justice through documentation and distribution of knowledge in open

How we will accomplish these goals:

  1. Bring water filtration systems, food staples, natural remedies
    and medical supplies to communities in Peñuelas, Guaynabo,
    Bayamón, Caguas, Aguas Buenas and Cidra. These are communities I
    work with on Afro-indigenous cultural revitalization work.
  2. Document through digital video interviews what is happening for a
    You Tube Channel open to the public.
  3. Post student’s final essays on an open blog.

What we need:

  1. Airfare for three-ten people
  2. Donations of water filtration systems, food staples, natural
    remedies and medical supplies; or cash to pay for those needs or to
    deliver to organizations in Puerto Rico.

Any support of this effort would be greatly appreciated. What I hear from people in the island is a need for human contact and hope.

For those interested in donating through debit or credit cards, please donate through the Ethnic Studies U of Oregon Foundation account.

This is how we will keep track of all expenses and make sure everything is accounted for properly. In the comments section, please name ES Puerto Rico Delegation, and feel free to state if you wish to contribute for supplies and/or travel expenses. We will have Ethnic Studies U of Oregon Foundation envelopes at the meeting for donations by check.