Save the Date for Healthcare: January 23rd!

This year, a broad coalition of Oregon Democrats, Republicans, health care advocates and providers, and healthcare companies passed a landmark Medicaid funding package. Unfortunately, some want to turn back this progress and have gathered signatures to repeal this critical funding.

Currently, 95% of Oregonians, including all children, have health coverage. Voting Yes on Measure 101 protects healthcare for 350,000 Oregonians who rely on the Oregon Health Plan for their insurance, including 66,000 children.

Measure 101 stipulates that hospitals, insurance companies, and other healthcare providers pay a small, temporary assessment which is then matched by the Federal government. This crucial funding is then returned to Oregon and fully dedicated to healthcare.

Should Measure 101 fail, lawmakers will likely be forced to choose between taking away healthcare for 350,000 Oregonians or making cuts to K-12 and higher education budgets.


What you can do:

Vote: Ballots will be mailed on January 9, 2018. Please fill it out and return on or before January 23rd. Please join the United Academics leadership in supporting Oregonians’ access to healthcare, and vote YES on Measure 101 this January.

Share information: Details about Measure 101 can be found at

Please share any UA or other supportive M101 information on your social media feeds.

Student Government Class GOTV: If you are teaching and would like to have a representative from the ASUO “Get Out the Vote” team come to your class, please email the State Affairs Commissioner for the Associated Student of the UO: