Lunch with your Local!

Dear Faculty,

Over the past few weeks, it has felt like something is new and different (and usually worse) every day. The situation for faculty has been difficult – we’re all tired from keeping on top of the news, grading our suddenly-online finals, adapting our work to be remote, the uncertainty about our students’ access, uncertainty about our jobs, having children at home for many of us, and more. It has been hard. And many of you have taken on additional work, on top of all that, for your community, campus, families, and students. In all of our meetings with administration, union leadership has centered these efforts to make sure admin understands that faculty will make this term a success.

As we figure out how a union works remotely, the involvement we’ve seen in UA meetings and emails has been heartening. As you know, you are UA, and you are the UO. Your work, in the past and especially now, has been inspiring, and we deeply appreciate everything everyone does to make our union fantastic. 

As part of our thanks, we want to reassert our commitment to being a resource for you.

UA contact info:
[email protected] or 541-636-4714

You are also invited to “Lunch with your Local.”
While we’re all remote, your UA leadership has been meeting over lunch to discuss issues as they arise (and sometimes just socialize). You’re invited to join our Zoom lunches!

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12