Faculty Success Program #5 Teaching

Right near this midterm or looking ahead could be a good time to discuss pedagogy and course preparation strategies. Please join us for lunch on February 10 to discuss teaching at the UO in our fifth UA & UO collaborative Faculty Success Event for 2016-17. Our highly accomplished panel is looking forward to your questions and informal discussion.


  • Lee Rumbarger, Director, Teaching Engagement Program (TEP)
  • Sierra Dawson, Human Physiology, Associate Vice Provost for Undergrad Studies
  • Theresa May, Theatre Arts
  • Alison Gash, Political Science

This panel of faculty will address strategies for protecting research time while teaching, rebounding from difficult moments in the classrooms, and understanding the politics and possibilities of student teaching evaluations.

Friday, February 10, 12 noon to 1:45 pm.  Browsing Room of the Knight Library