Down to the Wire: Let Legislators know what we need!

On May 15th, Oregonians received some good news in regard to our financial outlook. Short version: the State has roughly 770 million dollars more than they expected for the biennium budget (despite a 1.4 billion kicker, but that’s another story). However, much of that will be put into reserves for the predicted economic downturn heading our way.

We need to contact legislators in order to make sure we can get the Public University Support Fund (PUSF) funded at 120 million. That would mean students would see a less-than-5% increase to their in-state tuition. Of course, we should still be asking for a budget (186 million) that would mean no tuition increase, and we could actually invest in our students and academic mission. Some of Higher Ed’s advocates in Salem, including legislators, have been quite clear this week: personal messages to legislators are having an impact, especially those serving your District.

Talking points for increasing the PUSF can be found here.

Particularly important legislators to contact for an increase to the PUSF:

Ways and Means committee, especially co-chairs Betsy Johnson,  Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward,and Representative Dan Rayfield.

Ways and Means Higher-Ed sub-committee.

Eugene-area legislators Senator Lee Beyer, Senator Floyd Prozanski, Representative Paul Holvey,

Representative Julie Fahey, and Representative Marty Wilde. If none of these folks serve your district, you can find your local legislators here.