Concerns about pay, reimbursements, and stipends.

United Academics leadership has been made aware of many pay-related issues faculty have experienced over the last several months and has pushed the administration to resolve these issues quickly. We have also begun conversations about how the administration can ensure these concerns are not ongoing, and how research-related impacts, in particular, will be accounted for.

In a recent meeting, administration representatives requested specific examples of these issues to investigate where the breakdowns are happening. If you are willing to self-report any pay issues you have experienced, please fill out this short formWe will pass these along to administration, so only include details you are okay with them seeing. Please feel free to include issues that have already been resolved.

United Academics would also like to ensure that any faculty member dealing with these pay issues has seen the Jaime Moffitt email sent on October 10. This email included an important note,  “...if you encountered any late fees or penalties (e.g., credit card penalties, mortgage penalties) due to the delay in pay, please let us know. If you send documentation of the penalty or late fee to Kelly Wolf at [email protected], we will reimburse you for these charges.”

As always, please do not hesitate to respond to this email or contact any of the faculty stewards, representatives, or Executive Council.