Workers on the Margin: Gender-Inclusive Organizing in a Flexible Industry

Please join us this Monday, February 13th at 4 pm in the EMU Miller Room for the second talk in the UO Labor Research Colloquium. Larissa Petrucci, a PhD candidate in the Sociology department, will be discussing organizing efforts among women and non-gender-binary workers in the high tech industry. Petrucci’s work forces us to think about the intersection between workplace norms, feminism and labor organizing.  Looking at one of the northwest’s premier industries, she raises questions about the limitations of neoliberal or professional feminism, the challenges of collective action in a gendered workplace, and the prospects for labor organizing in what…

‘Not in Our City’ rally in the Whit

Hundreds of people gathered in the Whitaker neighborhood this Sunday afternoon to rally against a rash of hateful graffiti. Several UA members were spotted in the crowd, including Joe Lowndes and Darren Divers who hold the United Academics banner.