CAS Professional Development Policy Revisions

Recently, CAS sent a memo to department heads reminding them of the need to finalize a Professional Development Policy by October 20. Units were working on these policies last spring, but a series of miscommunications and misunderstandings resulted in a decision to delay finalizing the policies until this fall. We hope this delay has given faculty enough time to discuss the best policy for their department.

CAS has sent a template and guidance to the departments to help frame the development of the policy. Several of our colleagues have asked if their unit can just use or modify the Professional Development Funds policy they already have. We suggest that units who have functioning policies use their policy, look at the CAS guidance and suggestions, and send the deans the best policy they can.

United Academics leadership had some conversations with CAS in late spring and summer, and we feel confident that they are aware that many units have functioning policies that will not need much tweaking. We are also confident they want as much faculty input as possible, so hopefully the faculty in your unit will be given a fair chance to shape this important policy. If you feel like you and your colleagues have been left out of this important discussion please contact us at [email protected].