Career Continuous Employment Reviews

One of our most exciting wins in the last round of bargaining was the creation of a new major review and raise for Career Instructional and Research Faculty.

Until now, Career faculty had two opportunities for promotion (to Senior I and II), but nothing akin to Post-Tenure Review raises that full Professors are eligible for every six years. This change allows Career faculty who have reached the highest rank in their category (or who are in a single-rank category, such as Professor of Practice) and have appointments of at least 0.5 annualized FTE to undergo an optional Career Continuous Employment Review (CCE) as frequently as every six years. If the review is successful, the faculty member will receive an increase to base salary of at least 4% for meeting expectations and at least 8% for exceeding expectations in all areas in their first CCE, and at least 4% in subsequent CCEs.

If you are an eligible Career faculty member and wish to undergo this review next academic year, you must notify your department or unit head this Spring term. Consult your unit policies and Article 19 of the CBA for specifics on criteria, timelines, and materials required for your promotion file.

Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions!

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