Bargaining for social justice

As more and more college campuses focus on equity, diversity and inclusion, graduate employees at the University of Michigan are breaking new ground with a logical premise: People working for social justice should be paid for that work.

Call for Moratorium on Workload Revisions

Over the course of the last few weeks, many faculty across campus are being informed of potential revisions to their unit’s Professional Responsibilities/Workload policies. In some cases, work that had previously earned a course release will no longer do so. In other cases, workloads may be “rebalanced” in order to increase course load at the expense of scholarship or service responsibilities. Our collective bargaining agreement has two mechanisms for revising workloads policies after they have been approved by the Provost. Faculty can suggest changes to the workload through their internal governance committees and/or faculty meetings. These changes would need to…

Immigrants’ Rights for Allies (Resisting ICE)

Tuesday, March 7 at 6:30 PM – 8 PM 2520 Harris St, Eugene, OR 97405-3046 This is a Know Your Rights training specifically for allies who want to be help protect and support the immigrant community. The training is focused on what the laws are around immigration and how allies can assert their rights to help protect immigrant communities. Some of what the training will cover: -Oregon Immigration Law -Sanctuary Policies -Worksite Enforcement -Creating a plan -Interacting with law enforcement -What ICE agents can & can’t do and how to assert your rights -What you can do -We will also…

A report back from the AFT-OR Winter school

The Oregon affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers held the annual Winter School in Seaside, Oregon last month. Our UA cohort of three members found that it was a great chance to take courses from experienced labor activists and make connections with colleagues from the GTFF, Portland State University, Oregon State University, Lane Community College, Portland Community College, and other institutions around the state. David Woken, UA Organizing and Membership Committee Chair and UO Libraries faculty attended The courses “Moving Members to Action,” “Building an Organizing Plan,” and “Advanced Organizing: Breaking Barriers”. The courses covered everything from the one-on-one…

Rally Against Tuition Raise

Ford Alumni Center, Thursday, March 2nd @12PM. The Board of Trustees is voting on the tuition raise. Let’s rally and have our voices heard! Organized by the Coalition for High Quality and Affordable Education with Fair Labor Practices.