Bargaining update for June 9, 2022

First things first – we are nearing completion of this round of bargaining and may be able to wrap up negotiations this week! We need you to help put us over the finish line. Please Zoom In on Wednesday, June 15 – we will begin at 9am and bargain to conclusion or until the parties decide to call it a day. If needed, another session is scheduled for Friday, June 17 from 9am to noon.

Last Thursday, your UA bargaining team presented counterproposals on Articles 15 (Academic Classification and Rank), 16 (Notices of Appointment), 19 (Career Faculty Review and Promotion), 20 (Tenure Review and Promotion), and 32 (Leaves). After a caucus, the administration team presented a counter on Article 32 (Leaves). We also have three new tentative agreements, on Articles 27 (PEBB Benefits), 28 (Fringe Benefits), and 30 (Benefits for Retired Faculty).

In the interest of setting us up for a productive session next Wednesday, your team finalized and submitted additional counterproposals on Friday for Articles 17 (Assignment of Professional Responsibilities), 26 (Salary), 31 (Tenure Reduction Program), 32 (Leaves), 35 (Professional Development), and Caregiving.

Issues Remaining for Discussion on Wednesday
A few important issues are still on the table for Wednesday’s session:

  • TRP - Many of you have reached out to express your objection to the administration’s proposal to end the TRP, effective immediately. The counterproposal we sent Friday would maintain faculty’s ability to enter the program as is for the duration of this contract, or until at least June 30, 2024.
  • Caregiving – We accepted the administration’s previous counter, with an increase to the community seed fund program and the reinstatement of some of our initial asks, including increased flexibility for a transition to remote work when needed and subsidization of childcare costs in excess of 7% of household income at Olum and other centers funded with seed funds.
  • Maximum courseload – Instituting a university-wide 8 course maximum (with a return to the historic maximum of 6 in SOJC) remains a top priority.
  • PTR and Career Continuous Employment raises – We are fighting to maintain the current 4%-8% range for post-tenure review raises, and to have the same levels for the newly-won equivalent for Career faculty.
  • Teaching Professor – A few details remain to be finalized regarding the nature of our newly-created category (another win!).
  • Advanced Sick Leave expansion – Given the administration’s reluctance to institute a donated sick leave pool at this time, we continue to argue that faculty should be able to borrow advance sick leave for all the same reasons they can utilize earned sick leave, including the illness of a child or other family member.
  • Defining Funding-Contingent appointments – We are fighting for a clear definition of these appointments in the CBA, as they are more precarious and should only be used when necessary.

Your bargaining team has been working hard for two and a half years to win the best possible contract for all of our members. Please log in Wednesday to support your colleagues as we make the final push!

Remember that this is a webinar-style format, so while you will not appear on screen or be audible, your name and the number of viewers will be visible to both teams. It is important for the administration to know that faculty are watching (and it helps your bargaining team, too).