Bargaining Update for June 17, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that we have arrived at a tentative agreement with the administration on our CBA, completing this round of negotiations!  Here are some highlights:

  • We negotiated a raise package and got it implemented January 1, 2022, bringing that benefit to faculty six months early.
  • We retained current levels of raises for promotion and PTR reviews for tenure-track faculty and got commensurate raises for Career faculty.
  • We secured research travel support for faculty who are caregivers, and got a commitment from the administration to provide seed funding for more daycare options in the Eugene/Springfield area.

We tentatively plan to have the full agreement and summary of changes to you next week and to hold the vote by email from July 8 to 18.

For now, we would like to thank our members for your consistent engagement – tuning in to sessions, sharing your feedback, and helping your team think through all the ways that various proposals would impact our large and diverse community.

We do want to give a quick update regarding TRP, since so many of you responded to our calls for last-minute feedback on this topic. We have tentatively agreed to leave Article 31 as it is for now, and we have agreed to work with the administration during Fall term to explore phase-out options, including their most recent proposal. So the program won’t remain unchanged forever, but we’ll now have time to engage faculty more deeply on what we know is an important issue.

Don’t worry - we will send (multiple) reminders as we get closer to the vote. Please stay tuned!