Bargaining Starts Friday, June 26, 2020

On Friday, June 26, from 1-5 pm, the United Academics bargaining team will begin conversations with the administration bargaining team about restoring the FTE of Career faculty scheduled to work reduced FTE next year, fixing our broken system of employing Career faculty, revising our current TTF tenure reduction/retirement program, and determining what a fair and equitable salary cut plan might look like if one is needed.

This bargaining session will be on Zoom. Your video and audio will be muted, and the chat feature will be disabled. Neither party has bargained remotely before, so your patience will be appreciated if something goes wrong. Bargaining sessions will not be recorded. You can register for the session here:

If possible, please register in advance to help us streamline the approval process. Once registered, you will receive the webinar link via email.

Because we have a large amount of work to do quickly, this bargaining session will mainly be about discovering where we have common agreement and where we differ in terms of general priorities. As we explore the issues, we may begin to reduce our agreements to writing, but in the beginning, we will not be exchanging proposals in the format you may have seen before. We hope these will be productive sessions and that you will watch and give us feedback.

You can always catch up on bargaining at our bargaining webpage.