Bargaining begins. We need your support!

Bargaining will begin this Thursday, February 1! We hope that many of you can make the time to attend. Hopefully, you can do so in person, but a remote option is also available. The support and presence of our faculty at bargaining sessions sends a powerful signal that faculty are engaged and paying attention.

In this round of bargaining, we will propose significant salary increases, expanded support services and changes that aim to increase transparency in processes related to review, hiring, and reclassification.  As always, we wish to strengthen shared governance that emphasizes the autonomy of departments and units. As we present the articles in our bi-weekly sessions, we will post them on our website so that members can view the proposals.

Personally, I am excited that our bargaining team members represent nearly every college and school on campus. Our team has been working to develop proposals that will have a meaningful impact on all of our professional lives. Take a look here to see which of your colleagues are on the bargaining team this round.

We also need you! Come and show your support for your team and for your Union. Come by Chiles 125 this Thursday (and then every other week) between 12:30 and 3:30 for as much time as you can. Feel free to bring work, grading, etc, and to come and go as needed. Bargaining can sometimes be entertaining, and your presence shows that faculty are paying attention and care about their working conditions.

En solidaridad,

Nathan Whalen
Chair of your Bargaining Team