A Message from UA’s Incoming President and Friday’s Spring Picnic

A Message from UA’s Incoming President

Greetings, my excellent friends.

With the upcoming departure of Avinnash, I have been asked by the Executive Council to serve in his stead as Interim President of UAUO until our next regular election of officers in Spring 2023.

It is a position I take on with a healthy respect and warranted trepidation. It doesn't seem possible to match the passion, the heart, or the power of my predecessors. We are a diverse bargaining unit of over 1700 working in a multitude of roles across multiple campuses; I am acutely aware that I don't have a complete understanding of everyone's experiences, challenges, needs, or goals. And although more of my time will be dedicated to United Academics during this period, I will still be teaching hundreds of students in my economics courses along the way. Fortunately for me--and for all of us!--this is and must always be a collective work.

Solidarity is about more than just our collective power externally applied: solidarity is also about our mutual support internally extended.

We have been beset by crisis after crisis, and--in more ways than we care to count--the return to campus and in-person classes didn't bring the long-awaited return to normalcy. We often find ourselves exhausted and overextended: "Like butter scraped over too much bread." Like never before, we need one another: for understanding, empathy and occasional shared indignation, potential solutions, new ideas, wisdom, grace, mentorship, and friendship.

Serving our shared colleagues. Helping those in need of help. Listening to and amplifying the voices of those who aren’t otherwise heard (anonymously, where needed). Making tangible contributions and improvements whenever and wherever possible. This is what I commit to doing in this new role, and this is what I ask of you within your own spheres and to the measure of your capacities.

I have met quite a few of you during my ten years at UO. The relationships that I have built over the years with faculty, staff, and administrators (as well as with students!) are absolutely my favorite part of working at this institution. I am positively thrilled at the prospect of meeting so many more of you over this coming year as we endeavor to strengthen one another and the University of Oregon.

Together, in solidarity.

Mike Urbancic
Incoming President, United Academics of the University of Oregon

UA’s Spring Picnic This Friday!

United Academics invites you and your colleagues to an end-of-year picnic! Family members are also welcome to attend. We'll provide beverages, snacks, and some activities.

The details:
When: Friday, May 20 from 3 to 6 pm. Rain or shine
Where: Alton Baker Park covered shelter area
What to bring: Yourself, colleagues, and family members

RSVPs are not required but are appreciated for planning purposes. Please RSVP here.

Hope to see you all this Friday!